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GlowControl 7*- LiPo
Glow plug heater for 5 cylinder methanol engines, LiPo version
from 77,30 €  
19% VAT included, plus Delivery
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Connector to receiver

Version for 7 - cylinder radial engines,  mit battery monitor for 4+5 cell receiver battery
Glow battery: 2 cells LiPo necessary

Supply range:
- GlowControl with universal-receiver connection e.g. Graupner and robbe/Futaba Version
- High flexible silikon cables for glow battery connection
- Status-LED with25 cm / 10"  flexible cable (connected with GlowControl ) and LED installation-clip
- High flexble silikon cable for glow plug connection with terminals
- Detailed description for installation and user manual
- 36 month waranty
Options availalbe (please select):
- mpx receiver connection cable
- Silikon glow plug connection cable GPC with (high flexible, standard version)
- Silikon glow plug connection cable GPC-S (high flexible, spezial version for glow plugs most completely inside cylinder head)
- Glow plug cable distributor for save and easy connection 
You will find the correct glow battery in the BATTERY folder, i.e. GlowSupply.4-2
In case you buy the glow battery from us GlowControl will be equipped automatically with the corresponding connectors.

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